Andrew Murphy Authority Branding means that I am focused on helping businesses both local and international to grow and prosper through marketing techniques that will make a positive impact on your business in whatever niche you’re in.

Let me ask you an important question. I assume that you are in business to create income for yourself and your family and employ others to help build your business? What is your current plan to retain and grow your business and gain the online exposure that you need to out maneuver your competition?  It’s great if you have a website, but if it doesn’t convert people into customers then you basically just have a website. Far too many people believe that just because they have a website that they will be flooded with activity and sales. The term “If you build it they will come” (from the movie Field of Dreams 1989) just doesn’t quite apply here.

Andrew Murphy Authority Branding

The process after a website has been built is the most important aspect of “growing” online. This is of course if your website has been SEO optimized (onpage and off page), is mobile friendly, your site speed is fast, your images are optimized etc, etc… the list goes on and on!

One of the most important things that you need to have is a content marketing plan for long term success.  This will ensure that you constantly have fresh content that is being produced which shows the search engines like Google, Bing and others that you are proactive with creating great original content. They award websites for doing this almost like a competition of he or she who has the most content wins.  After all is said and done creating great content on a regular basis is a winning strategy for  your business. Andrew Murphy Authority Branding can help you with this process.

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