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How to Perform Local Keyword Research

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

If you’re a local company then chances are you want to attract local clients to your business website rather than a global reach. This is how you should perform your keyword research for your business.

For example if you own a notary business in Surrey, BC for example then you should do your keyword research based on the geo-location terms like “notary in Surrey” or “Surrey notary companies”, “notaries in Surrey, BC. By doing this you are getting laser targeted clients in the key area of your business. You can use Google’s free keyword tool for your research.

What you don’t want to do is target keywords that are too broad such as “notary”, “notaries”, “notary businesses”. These broad keyword searches have lots of traffic but the chances of you getting your website content to rank for these keywords are very slim and you won’t be hitting your target market.

I hope this helps you with your keyword research.

Why Use Twitter for Marketing Your Small Business

Friday, August 13th, 2010

If you don’t use Twitter for marketing your small business then you’re losing out on potential clients. The great thing about using Twitter is that you can send out a tweet and use the #(city name, or industry) and it will inform anyone in that area that is following that term. For instance I could send a tweet out about “The 5 Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes” targeting Coquitlam and it would look something like this:

Get your free copy of “The 5 Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes #Coquitlam, #Vancouver

Anyone following the terms #Coquitlam, #Vancouver would receive my tweet. This is very powerful if you want to target specific interest groups. Try it out and be sure to follow people that are in your industry on Twitter. Follow my here Andrew Murphy

Are These 5 Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Business?

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Internet Marketing for Business

Are these 5 Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes Killing the Profits in Your Local Business? The time is now to start marketing your business online before your competition get so far ahead of you that you won’t be able to catch up and they will dominate your niche on every page of Google. There is a shift inĀ  how business is conducted so grasp it now.

Get a free copy of “The 5 Fatal Internet Marketing Mistakes” now so you can get a leg up on your competition.