Why Clean Mobile Websites Are Preferred

Clean Mobile websites are preferred over picture filled, flash websites any day of the week. There are a few major problems that most small business owners do not know and when they do find out that their website is causing them to lose customers they want it fixed pronto.

Although flash based websites look beautiful they have a major flaw on mobile devices such as the popular iphone. The problem is that they don’t show any of the flash elements at all! So you basically have a website that can only be viewed on a desktop computer and we all know that the growing majority of people are using their iphone or ipad to view websites and find local businesses. If you have a flash based website then go ahead and have a look at it on your iphone…… see, i told you so. Do you think you might be losing customers? Find out about more about having a mobile optimized website built for you.

Another problem is that regular websites also look terrible on mobile devices. When you view a website on a mobile device it tries to squeeze the contents into the small screen and this makes it difficult to view the contents and forces you to expand the screen which is a hassle and then you must scroll around to view it. A mobile optimized website solves this problem and streamlines everything. Mobile optimized websites raise a potential customer’s experience and reduce the bounce rate that many websites face.

Below is a mobile optimized website for a local contractor.


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Go Mobile or Go Out of Business

It has become fairly well know now, that everyone is turning to mobile capabilities such as smartphones, ipods and ipads. We live in a society that want everything and we want it now. The faster and more convenient the better. We use mobile for everything and if you have a business that does not have a mobile optimized website then you’re losing revenue and your competition will be leading the way in short order. For more info on getting a mobile optimized website contact me here… mobile optimized website. Check out this cool graphic with these interesting stats….

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Mobile Websites Are Essential for Local Businesses

The presence for mobile websites are essential for local businesses to grow and prosper especially in a down economy. Who doesn’t want an advantage over thei rcompetition these days. It’s all about being savvy enough to embrace technology and use it to your advantage.

Why would you need a mobile website?  It’s no question that people are using their smart phones more these days then ever before and that trend it growing every year. take for example that someone is broken down at the side of the road and needs a tow truck. They grab their smartphone and Google “towing company Vancouver” and websites that are mobile friendly will be the ones that show up. They can then “tap to call” and it will call the company right away.

You’re locked out of your car and need a locksmith to come and open your car for you. Google locksmith + your area and up pops Locksmith websites that are in that area. There are results where regular websites load onto your phone but they never look good, you have to scroll around to find the info and zoom the screen size up so you can see it. They are a pain in the ass to view and more often then not that person will look for another business preferably one that has a mobile friendly website.

Businesses that want to be cutting edge , gain more clients and sell more products and services must have a mobile friendly website in order to compete now and in the future. The early adopters will gain a huge advantage.

I Will Get You to Position 1 On Google For Any Keyword

Yes, I will get you to position 1 on Google for any keyword you desire and keep you there so the money train rolls in !

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Holy shit, have you heard this before? I get emails like this from big SEO firms (or so they claim to be) telling me that they can get me these kinds of results and keep me there.  I am sure that you have received many of these emails yourself.  The bottom line is that these companies are a dime a dozen, they all say the same thing, they are no different than one another, they won’t get you the results you desire and they will take you for a ride and leave you high and dry with no increase in rankings and a losing marketing campaign.

If anyone GUARANTEES you top rankings for competitive keywords then start running in the other direction.  You can not guarantee rankings for a business  and it’s as simple as that.  One can’t predict exactly what Google will do and how the  algorithm works and how it will work in the future. One small change can affect your rankings  and you’re off page one in an instant.

Instead of guaranteeing rankings just promise your clients that you will do your best to get them top rankings in their business niche and often times it’s not about getting the no # 1 spot on Google it’s really more about getting them results that turn into sales, leads and client retention.

3 Tips for Vancouver Realtors to Sell More Properties

Here are 3 tips for Vancouver Realtors to sell more properties and make more money.  First of all, I can’t stand it when I see pictures of realtors on bus stop benches and on billboards. With the amount of money they’re spending on marketing themselves and their brand this way, I personally think you’re doing yourself  more harm then good and it’s costing you a fortune! People don’t take much notice of these signs and if they do they’re not ready to buy. The other problem is that the signs are often tagged with graffiti. It’s my understanding that most women don’t care to have moustaches! Just this morning I drove past a bench that was flipped over and Mr. Realtor was was having a pavement sandwich.

Vancouver Realtors, here is how to take your marketing dollars and invest it wisely for the long term. Besides, who wants to keep paying for newspaper ads and billboards that you have to keep renewing every month?

Vancouver Realtors

1.   Get your website reviewed and make the necessary changes to make it “direct response friendly” for potential buyers. When someone visits your site is there a clear call to action for them to take? You most definitely need to capture their name, email address and phone number. Provide them with free useful information that they need to become more informed and become a trusted advisor. People like to do business with people that they “like, know and trust”. By providing high quality, FREE information you start to bridge the gap between “who is this and how trustworthy are they” to “This info is from Mr. X Realtor then it must be good because i trust what info he sends me.”

2.    Get yourself on Facebook and have a custom page designed for your business. A Facebook page is different from your Facebook profile (keep your personal profile for family and close friends). There is a lot you can do and integrate into your Facbook Page. There are nearly 700 million people on Facebook, and have you noticed that big businesses are also on there promoting their products and services?

3.   Create a blog and post useful information for potential buyers. You can combine text/picture posts and also I highly suggest making videos with the correct keywords in the title and sprinkled through the actual speech in the video. Add your keywords and a call to action in every video that is made. ie ” “For more tips on buying your dream home, visit www.abcrealtorsinc.com and get your free guide”.

Now go implement these 3 tips for Vancouver Realtors to sell more properties and enjoy the rewards!