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Email Marketing- Perhaps Your Best Weapon for Success

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Why should you use email marketing for your business? Email marketing holds all the benefits of traditional marketing campaigns and more! Below is a list of the main benefits you’ll get from email marketing, but these are just the obvious ones. Once you start implementing your own campaign, you’ll most likely find many more!

  • Low Cost. Imagine how much you’d spend for a TV or radio commercial, or even a print ad. Email marketing costs next to nothing – even with the cost of your Internet connection and email marketing guru taken into consideration!
  • Speedy. With traditional marketing campaigns you have to either wait to get your message out to the masses, or wait for those masses to randomly come across your ad. But when you send out an email campaign, your message is delivered in seconds.
  • Easy. All business people have sent an email and know just how easy it is – that’s why it’s the preferred form of communication for just about everyone. Email marketing is also very easy for the recipient of the email as well. All they have to do is open it and read it. It doesn’t interrupt their favorite program, it doesn’t distract them while they’re driving and it doesn’t annoy them when they’re trying to listen to their favorite radio program. They see it and they choose to open it or not. But, if you’ve put the proper thought into your campaign the chances are good that they will open it!
  • Personalized messages. Unlike other forms of advertising, where you have to create a “blanket” message for all of your customers, you can tailor and personalize your email message to specific customers. This makes your customers feel like you’ve put in an extra effort to take their needs and concerns into consideration.
  • Viral. Everything “goes viral” on the Internet and that includes email messages. Once you send the email to one customer, they could send it to another person and another.
  • Tracking. Every part of an email marketing campaign can be tracked, including if the email was opened, when it was opened, what links were clicked and if anything came from those clicks. Try tracking a radio ad – it’s much more difficult, if not impossible.
  • Opt-ins. Email marketing campaigns often come with an opt-in, meaning that the customer may choose to be part of the campaign. When you start a campaign with the customer wanting to be a part of it you’re already well ahead of the game.
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