Internet Business Consultant


Andrew Murphy
is a Coquitlam/Vancouver BC resident, born and raised in Burnaby, BC . His interests include hockey, martial arts and fitness training and he also has a background in property management and maintenance of commercial buildings.

After building his own websites and becoming very knowledgeable about (SEM) search engine marketing, (SEO) search engine optimization, lead generation, video marketing and creating authority he decided it was time to use is knowledge to provide consulting services to help businesses overcome their obstacles and grow in any economy.

Andrew has taken his knowledge and has written a number of ebooks ” Insider Strategies Report” and “Mobile Web Design” to name a few. He is also authoring a paperback book that will be available in the near future. The book will be about utilizing the internet to grow a business and catapult your success.

His Consulting Services involve finding out what your biggest business challenges are and provide solutions for you which will greatly impact the success and profits of your business.

So now that you know Andrew why don’t you tell him about your business and perhaps he can help you!

**In order for Andrew to help you… please note that you must have an idea of your current marketing strategies, budget and the business problems or concerns that you are facing. If a meeting is booked with him then you must be the decision maker in your business. This way it eliminates wasted time and effort for Andrew and yourself.

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