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I Will Get You to Position 1 On Google For Any Keyword

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Yes, I will get you to position 1 on Google for any keyword you desire and keep you there so the money train rolls in !

coquitlam internet marketing consultant

Holy shit, have you heard this before? I get emails like this from big SEO firms (or so they claim to be) telling me that they can get me these kinds of results and keep me there.  I am sure that you have received many of these emails yourself.  The bottom line is that these companies are a dime a dozen, they all say the same thing, they are no different than one another, they won’t get you the results you desire and they will take you for a ride and leave you high and dry with no increase in rankings and a losing marketing campaign.

If anyone GUARANTEES you top rankings for competitive keywords then start running in the other direction.  You can not guarantee rankings for a business  and it’s as simple as that.  One can’t predict exactly what Google will do and how the  algorithm works and how it will work in the future. One small change can affect your rankings  and you’re off page one in an instant.

Instead of guaranteeing rankings just promise your clients that you will do your best to get them top rankings in their business niche and often times it’s not about getting the no # 1 spot on Google it’s really more about getting them results that turn into sales, leads and client retention.