Where Can I Get A Domain Name?

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The next question many people have if they are new to any type of Internet Marketing is “where can I get a domain name?” There are many registrars where you can go  to buy a domain name and the prices can vary from a few dollars to thousands of dollars for an established domain that carries heavy influence.  For this post we are looking at domain names that will cost between $7- $12 per  year and you also have the option to purchase for longer.  If you purchase “your name” eg mine is Andrew Murphy as your domain then you should consider buying an extention for 2-5 years as this helps in increasing your rank in the search engines ( it basically tells the search engines that because you have made a long term purchase then you must be serious about your business and the content that will be on the domain name).  As mentioned before, your best option if available is to buy a domain name with the .com extension.  Personally I  like to use Go Daddy.com to buy my domain names but it’s entirely up to you.

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